Tell us a bit about yourself

Warm greeting to everyone, my name is Yvonne Ho. I was born in Taiwan and immigrant to Canada with my family. My parents sacrificed many things so we can come to Canada and it is their hope that my siblings and I are able to have better education and future. Furthermore, another reason for us to move to Canada so that I was able to study what I truly love, which is music(voice) instead of just studying for tests everyday without a purpose or the true meaning behind joyful learning. I have been working in the Casa/Primary classroom since 2005 with two maternity breaks to welcome our two daughters. I have a wonderful and supportive husband who is there for me and our family.


How were you introduced to Montessori and what led you to pursue your training?

After I finished my music degree from the University, I did some private piano teaching, but I was still searching and wondering what else can I do with my life that has a meaningful purpose. Then I was introduced to Montessori Method accidentally. Then I took the Casa/Primary Training (3-6 years old). During the training, I realized many things I do are very similar to the ways Montessori Method teaches. It made me wonder what more will I be able to do if I was able to have the opportunity to encounter Montessori as a child. After my Casa/Primary Training, I was able to visit a school in Redding California that I always wonder and was amazed by what children’s capabilities and potentialities at an early age. Therefore, when the training center of BC offered the first Assistants to Infancy class, I apply and registered. Furthermore, this training has another level of meaning to me personally as I was four months pregnant with our first child during the training.

How did the Assistants to Infancy training impact your life?

By taking the A to I course, I was able to elevate my own understand the Montessori Philosophy to a deeper level. Moreover, it was an unique experience to go through my first pregnancy with my fellow A to I sisters. They have been great support to me. Although we may not all live in the same countries right now, I know they are there in my heart and sprit. Everyday after school, I can not wait to share what I have learned during the course with my husband. It also inspired him to come to school and sit in for some of the lectures for the courses. It really help us to make decision as a couple and as a team to raise our children. We were able to implement many elements that I leaned during the course in our home.

What has been helpful to you as you implement Montessori at home with your children?

After the first summer of training, I made the Cestina for my child. Some of our friends got curious and start asking why she is not sleeping in the crib. It gave me an opportunity to share what I have learn through my course. Moreover, after my child was born, some of our A to I sisters came to observed her and they were very kind to lend me some of the mobiles we made during the course, so my child was able to have a varieties of mobiles and materials to use during the different stages of her developments. And my husband also made some materials for the girls to use.

Last words?

“The new conception takes life at the centre of its own function, and alters all previous ideas about education. No longer may the school be a world apart, or the child carefully protected by isolation from social contacts. For life to receive the right protection, it’s laws must be sympathetically studied, and psychologists who have observed small children from their first year have announced the discovery that it is in this period that the construction, the building up, of man takes place.” ~ Education for the New World, Maria Montessori

Life is an on going learning process. I recently experienced unplanned life challenges for myself. It is at this period of time, we become humble just like learning how to walk our first step. As we all live in a world that pushes us to do faster and better, sometime it is necessary to come back to the roots, to slow down. This is a reminder to myself, follow the child, do not compare and let them lead to their world so you will be able to discover the world in a new color without any preconceptions. Happy Sharing everyone.

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