Congratulations to our Winner!

Thank you for all your support!  This blog is off to a great start with 38 WordPress followers and 255 Facebook likes!  With views from 50 countries!  We’ve only been up and running for two weeks!  Amazing!

Thank you for all your comments!  It was a bit overwhelming to receive so much interest and so many ideas of what you’d like to hear about.  Each of you have your own situation you’re coming from but there were some definite themes such as an age by age guide, how to set up your homes, how to make materials or find them (especially on a budget), real life with the low bed, and how to incorporate the Montessori philosophy into your daily lives.  We look forward to sharing our stories with you in the coming months (or years from all the comments!).  Some of you had specific questions.  Please ask these on our facebook page so we can get a conversation going about those topics.  They were really great!  Please be patient with us responding to those comments as we’re getting ready to go back to school/work.

There were over 100 entries for our giveaway from Beginning Montessori for a Five Pack of Toys.  The lucky winner is Kristy McCarthy!  Congratulations!  We hope your child or someone you pass this along to greatly enjoys the toys.


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