Toys for a One Year Old

By Rubi


The first birthday of a child is a big deal for a parent. There are so many decisions to be made such as the amount of people to be invited, the type of food to be served, and the place to have the party at, etc.  When I finally made all those decisions and planed a big party another issue came up. Some people began to ask me:  what would I like them to give F for her first birthday party? They said could you give us some ideas? They know I like to choose carefully what kind of toys she plays with. Then I started looking for toys that I knew she would like to play with, that were durable, pretty and challenging for her.

I didn’t want to dictate people what to give F for her birthday but I did want to guide them so they had an idea of what she usually plays with.

An important note:  Many of links that I used for this post are from Amazon because it was easy for me to find a link and a picture. I noticed that some toys are more expensive at amazon. I told people to look for them at their different local toy stores and they were cheaper.

Here are some toys that I came up with:

Plan toy solid drum (by hape) 41e2ByuxNNL._SL500_

Dancing butterflies push and pull (by hape)  push and pull toy

Hape first puzzle  71zbJZolilL._AA1500_

Hape twist and turnables  71CcnvkVcUL._AA1500_

Plan toy shape and sort it out  41bd5ggZxzL._SL500_

Plan toys nuts and bolts  41lCGkIqpIL._SL500_

Plan toy stacking tree  61VVABcAReL._AA1500_

Magnetic blocks  (Tegu)5064_TeguOriginalPocketPouch_tints1

Bowling set (Growing Up Wild)  il_570xN.511135449_boju

Leaves puzzle (Manzanita Kids) il_570xN.425983830_tvwd

Nesting doll puzzle (Manzanita Kids) il_570xN.425988436_4vec

Grimms’s Wooden stacking and nesting rainbow bowls   pic of the stacking bowls

Truck  81S5imygMXL._AA1500_

I love this truck because she can place items on the bed of the pick up track  


She has these toys and I believe they are great for one year olds.

Xylophone  61nSY1tYO3L._AA1500_

Rocking horse  71VJiJZKwjL._AA1500_

Toddler size Apron  il_570xN.451644488_1ka6


Spinning Top original_traditional-tin-spinning-tops

Balls are always fun, so find one that is not too big or hard. A friend got me one that lights up and F absolutely loves it.



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2 responses to “Toys for a One Year Old

  1. Isabel Rea

    Thank you very much 🙂

  2. its really a tough job to select toys, for this we must know the habits of baby..accordingly we can select toys

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