Cloth Diapers – Go For It!

By Carrie

We chose to use cloth diapers right from the start.  My husband was on board when he calculated how much cheaper it would be.  I wanted natural fibres against my child’s most sensitive parts and felt it would help our child to have an awareness of wet/dry that would help later on when it came to toilet learning.

Many of our friends use cloth diapers so it felt very “normal” to us and we had lots of help answering the many questions that arise.  What style?  What brand?  What detergent?  How many?  And so many more questions!  Entering the world of cloth diapers is pretty overwhelming.  We went to a cloth diaper workshop put on by a local cloth diaper company, Little Monkey Store, and decided to go with their newborn rental pack.  (please note the company is no longer local and under different ownership in Edmonton)  If you’re interested in learning more about cloth diapers check out Cloth 101 or any cloth diapering company.  My experience is that they’ve all been very helpful.

montessori undershirt and cloth diaper

A. wearing a newborn cloth diaper and the under shirt made during our training

If you are able to do a newborn cloth diaper rental I highly recommend it.   (New and Green does a newborn rental program for those on Vancouver Island and in the Lower Mainland)  Newborn diapers are smaller so they aren’t gigantic on your itty bitty newborn.   It gives you an authentic, trial run so you are able to decide which type you feel comfortable using, or if cloth diapers are for you.  It made the routine of washing diapers just part of having a baby, right from the beginning.  It also gave my husband time to scope out a good deal for the diapers we purchased when she grew out of the newborn diapers.  (Newborn diapers last until about 14-16 lbs.)

What I thought I’d like (fitted/pre-fold with cover) ended up being different in reality (All-In-One).  Through our trial I realized I really didn’t mind putting in extra loads of laundry (takes me only a minute or two) but didn’t like the extra time folding the laundry and stuffing the diapers.  The All-in-Ones were super easy to fold, no stuffing required (yay!), and I didn’t feel like I was spending a ton of extra time doing laundry.  Most people are put off that All-In-Ones cost a bit more, but with some extra time using the newborn diapers we were able to wait until a sale came on so we didn’t end up spending extra money.  We ended up purchasing Blueberry and BumGenius, with a mixture of snap and hook & loop closures.  I loved how slim they fit, fast they dried, and the great colours and prints.  It’s also been great having two different types as the fit and the absorbency are slightly different so have been great for different purposes or different stages of her growth.  cloth diaper

And dealing with the poop?  I was able to exclusively breastfeed A. so this meant just sticking the soiled diapers in a dry diaper pail, washing every second day, putting them on a drying rack (in the sun whenever the opportunity arose), fold, and put away.  Once we introduced solid foods we chose to use flushable liners.  Oh, and the poop has always been contained in the cloth diaper, with perhaps the odd occasion of a little leakage from newborn runny poops with some of the newborn cloth diapers (we didn’t end up purchasing those types).  We also chose to use cloth wipes with just water.  I do admit that it is an extra step wetting a fresh set of wipes each morning but again, it takes only a minute so once it’s part of your routine it’s not a big deal.  Out of the three we purchased (Thirsties, GroVia, and Kissiluvs), we like the GroVia wipes the best.  Cloth wipes are easy to sew if you wish to do so.  By choosing to use pre-moistened cloth wipes it made changing a diaper like using disposables except we just put the wipe and the diaper into the diaper pail.  We found cloth diapering when out and about was super easy as we just packed a wet bag, put the soiled diapers in the bag, and put both the bag and the dirty diaper in the diaper pail when we got home.  No smell but yes a slightly larger diaper bag.

cloth diapers dryingA whole lot less garbage created, cute cloth diaper bum, economical, and minimal extra effort has made cloth diapering a great choice for us!



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12 responses to “Cloth Diapers – Go For It!

  1. your silk undershirt with the rolled french hem is beautiful!!

  2. Thanks April! I had help from a friend during my training. A. loved it! I wish that I had more of them.

  3. blydie

    love cloth! montessori friendly: eco, beautiful and def helps in potty learning process! new and green have fantastic customer service – i ordered from them from South Africa and had it delivered to my sister who lives in Alberta (Canada) and they were very helpful through the whole process.

  4. montessorilifeasweknowit

    Love this post. Inspiring me, if we have another child I will be putting more effort toward cloth. We did a combination in the end as I felt a bit overwhelmed with motherhood as it was but we were happy that we did use cloth. Ended up using a combination of all in ones, one size fits most and nappy covers. Looking to use pre folds or another brand next time around.

    • So glad it was inspiring to you Irene! Even a combination is great! I think the right combination of type of diapers is different for each person and helps create a less stressful experience with cloth diapers. It hasn’t been stressful for us at all as we were able to find what worked for us through the newborn trial pack. We’ve even travelled with cloth diapers most of the time, except for the one week we would be without laundry facilities.

      • montessorilifeasweknowit

        Loved it. Hoping to use more cloth next time around. I found cloth very stressful in first few months so left it until later but we did get there! Trial packs are great I just need to try a few different ones I think. I thought about trying pre folds next time too? Did you try those?

      • Yes, I think we tried everything: pre-folds and fitted with covers, pocket diapers, and all-in-ones. We were lucky to try a few different brands of each.

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  8. Audrey N.

    That shirt is so sweet. May I ask if the pattern for it is available anywhere for sale or download?

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