Happy 1st Anniversary! Home Consultation Giveaway

We’re so excited to have reached the 1 year anniversary of our blog!  We’ve really enjoyed sharing about our lives with our children as we attempt to implement our Montessori training in our own homes.  We’re amazed at how much our readership continues to grow!  We hope you have enjoyed the past year of posts.

One of our top posts is by Christie about setting up the bedroom for her twin boys.  So to kick off the 1st Anniversary Celebration we thought we’d start with a giveaway for a Skype Home Consultation!!!  Christie offers home consultations through her company, Aid to Life Education.  We know you’ve enjoyed reading about how Christie has set up her home, the toys and books her sons use, and how she and her husband prepared to become parents.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a 1:1 with Christie!

1 year anniversary - skype consult

Home Consultation

Throughout any stage of your child’s life, Aid to Life Education is available for home consultations.  Your success as a family is dependent on providing your child with the right environment at each changing developmental level.  We will help to make your environment flexible and practical, looking at the specific needs of your child.  We will give you tips and strategies for utilizing space and offer suggestions regarding the materials needed to better support your child’s age and ability.

Just as important as the set-up of the physical environment, the adults need to have an understanding of child development and we will provide you with invaluable info on what to expect from the child at each stage.  We will offer you support in parenting and how to help your child master the fundamentals.  All the advice given is based on the ideals and philosophy of Maria Montessori, the purpose being to aid each child in the process of becoming a confident and independent member of society.

The giveaway is for a 1 Hour Skype Home Consultation from Aid to Life Education.  It can be redeemed on any Sunday during the month of September (timing to be mutually agreed upon by recipient and Christie).  This giveaway is open internationally.

To enter, leave a comment on this blog post telling us: What part of bringing Montessori into your home do you find the most challenging?  Then click through to [a Rafflecopter giveaway] and click the green button on the Rafflecopter form telling us “I commented!”  There are also lots of additional ways to enter to get your name in multiple times.  If you haven’t used Rafflecopter before it’s very easy to do so by just following the instructions.  You can also watch this quick video to help you learn. (Sorry it has to be a click through form.  With a free wordpress hosted site I couldn’t seem to embed it on the post.)
The giveaway will close on Sunday, August 24 at 11:59PST.  Winner must respond within 48 hours of being contacted.  Good luck!
The giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations to Kathy on winning the Skype Home Consultation!



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12 responses to “Happy 1st Anniversary! Home Consultation Giveaway

  1. Melissa O.

    The most challenging part of bringing Montessori into our home has been meal times. I would love a consultation on how to make this process easier for us and for our son!

  2. The most challenging part of using the Montessori principles at home for me is the fact that my older son, almost age 5, and 6 month old have to share a room. I feel much more comfortable with bed sharing instead of using the floor bed, since big brother isn’t 100% careful 100% of the time!

  3. Ludmila

    The most challenging part of bringing Montessori into our home so far has been preparing for a birth and newborn period that respects child, mother and father in an ultra-invasive, ultra-medicalized society (France).

  4. I’m a step-mum to a 7-year-old so I haven’t had babies in the home myself! I do have lots of friends with babies/toddlers and I imagine there are a lot of aspects that would be tricky. (And there are a few of those friends who I’d *love* to gift this to!!) But as a step-mum, my challenge is that Montessori principles are absolutely not used in my step-daughter’s other home! So she goes from two weeks with her mum in a very different type of environment to living with us where there are different (higher) expectations. It’s hard to explain to her that these are our “rules” and her mum has different rules.

  5. villamariaweb

    The most challenging part for us has been the age difference and adapting the environment to fit both. There is a 2,5 yr difference.

  6. Kathy Dang

    The most challenging part for us as new parents is/was knowing what the fundamental items, in terms of furniture, organization, “setting” the space for the varying stages of development.

  7. Melissa

    The most challenging part for my family is the age difference (2 months, 3 yrs, 7 yrs) and that my husband lives in a different city (for the next 11 months), so I am essentially a single parent (he is home 4 days per month). I’d love to be more organized and consistent with my girls.

  8. Maya

    the most challenging part at the moment is waiting for ds to be old enough to use the materials I’ve created for him! he’s nearly 3. 3 months to go before I can really take off. It’s a lot of research as well, but I love it, so can’t say that’s a challenge.

    the other challenge is to find the money to buy materials and to find a way to stay home full time as I’m a single mum without much support from his dad (financially, he’s pretty keen on Montessori as well)

  9. Newmom

    The most challenging part of setting up the Montessori inspired environment. …so many things…I think sometimes I see things as supporting ones independence and then I look at it again and see it another way, or don’t have time to really go thru it and figure it out. To feel i am experimenting and seeing the results differ…

  10. Newmom

    FYI- the “I commented” button says its not receiving my comment. I hope I can still be entered to win. Thank you.

    • Thanks for letting me know! Did you use the same email to comment on the blog and sign in to Rafflecopter? Or did you sign in using facebook? I see an entry from someone and the email addresses are not the same so I’m not sure if it’s you or not. If not, there is an entry for you for leaving a blog post comment but not any additional entries.

  11. Afton

    The most challenging part for me is having items (food, toys, etc) out for the toddler, but keeping our dog away from them.

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