Happy 1st Anniversary! Apron and Placemat Giveaway!

Congratulations on Winning the Home Consultation!  Thank you so much to all who entered to win a Home Consultation with Christie from Aid to Life Education during our first week of our 1st Anniversary Celebration!  Thank you for helping to spread the word about our Montessori Moms Blog and Aid to Life Education!  A huge congratulations to Kathy D!  We hope you gain further knowledge and support during your Home Consultation!

Week Two – Two Giveaways!  Now to announce the giveaway for Week 2 of our 1st Anniversary Celebration! Just a reminder that we are on week 2 of 4 weeks of giveaways to celebrate our 1st Anniversary.  This week we have two wonderful, and separate, giveaways.  If you follow this blog you have seen these items featured before, especially in Crawling Towards Practical Life.  This week we are giving away:

Both these products and the shop owners are amazing!  We graciously thank Karla from Handmade Montessori and Kylie from How We Montessori Shop for offering up these wonderful products!

Handmade Montessori Apronsiusb_760x100.13123774_op1x

What makes an apron Montessori?  Independence!  There are two different aprons to choose from: the cotton apron and the waterproof apron, costing between $16-$22 (US dollars).  With the cotton apron, the child can easily slip the elastic neckband over their head and do it up using the velcro tab on the side.  With the waterproof apron, the child pulls the apron over their head and slips their arms through the arm holes.  Even a young toddler can independently put on and take off these aprons.  These aprons come in two sizes: toddler (fits ages 1-3) and primary (fits ages 3-6).  Why Handmade Montessori?  Karla is AMI certified Casa and recently A to I (Congratulations Karla!) so she has wonderful attention to detail and quality.  I have been using her waterproof aprons in my classroom for years and have used the cotton apron at home with my daughter.  She has excellent customer service and even better products!  I can’t recommend her aprons enough!  I use the waterproof aprons for water activities in my classroom, e.g. water transferring, watering plants, washing tables, etc.  I think they would also be great for art activities.  I use the cotton apron at home for kitchen activities e.g. food preparation and baking.  Rubi’s daughter F. uses the cotton apron when painting or chalking on her easel.  Not only are aprons good for protecting clothing, they also give the child a sense of purpose when doing an activity and a point of completion when the apron is removed at the end of the task.

How We Montessori PlacematlogoThis placemat is amazing!  First off, it truly is as beautiful as the photos look.  The outlines are just fantastic for helping young children learn to set the table.  The outlines are even better as they are raised ever so slightly.  Using it multiple times a day?  Not a problem, it just wipes clean!  I’ve even put it to the test as my daughter, while learning to use a spoon, covered it in tomato soup.  Yikes!  That time it didn’t quite wipe clean but it did come completely clean!  I can’t say enough wonderful things about this placemat.  The placemat costs $19.95 (Australian dollars) and there is free international shipping.  Kylie, the owner of How We Montessori Shop, offers excellent customer service.  Every single product in her store has been used, or is currently being used by her sons.  She also writes the very inspiring blog How We Montessori, and it is an excellent reference.

1 year anniversary - apron

Montessori Apron Giveaway is for one apron of your choice from Handmade Montessori.  You can choose between cotton or waterproof, toddler or primary size (ages 1-3 or 3-6), and you can also choose from a wide selection of patterns.  The giveaway is open internationally.  To enter leave a comment on this blog post telling us: Why did you choose Montessori? and Which apron would you choose?  Then click the link to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway and click the green button on the Rafflecopter form telling us “I commented!”  There are also lots of additional ways to enter to get your name in multiple times.  If you haven’t used Rafflecopter before it’s very easy to do so by just following the instructions.  You can also watch this quick video to help you learn. (Sorry it has to be a form using the link.  It still works!)

1 year anniversary - placematMontessori Placemat Giveaway is for one easy clean placemat from How We Montessori Shop.  The giveaway is open internationally.  To enter leave a comment on this blog post telling us: What is your most wanted item from How We Montessori Shop?  Then click the link to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway and click the green button on the Rafflecopter form telling us “I commented!”  There are also lots of additional ways to enter to get your name in multiple times, such as “liking” Montessori Moms or How We Montessori Shop on facebook (if you already do “like” us, count it as a freebie!).

Both giveaways will close on Monday, September 1 at 11:59PST.  Winners must respond within 48 hours of being contacted.  Good luck!   The giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations to K on winning the Montessori Apron!  Congratulations to Jamie on winning the Montessori Placemat!

Disclosure statement: All opinions expressed are my own.  I have not received any compensation for expressing these opinions.  I do have a business relationship with these shop owners so I could facilitate this giveaway.


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18 responses to “Happy 1st Anniversary! Apron and Placemat Giveaway!

  1. I chose Montessori because it’s “education for life”. I don’t think the regular educational system works and it certainly isn’t built for kids’ specific needs the way Montessori is! I *love* these aprons and mat! I’d choose the toddler-sized cotton apron. So cute.

  2. My most wanted item is the butterfly mobile! It is beautiful. My baby is 2 months old and will be done with the newborn mobiles soon, and I love the beautiful realism of the butterflies.

  3. P

    Can’t make me choose! There are too many things I’d love to have. But interestingly enough the thing I will need soon is one of those placemats when I begin to offer solids 🙂

  4. Afton

    My toddler would most benefit from the lockbox. It’s on my wishlist!

  5. Jacqueline

    For the apron, I’d love the red flowers waterproof 3-6. I have a cotton apron for my daughter, but not a waterproof one for washing up.

    Why I chose Montessori? I love the independence it gives to the children, they’re so capable, if they’re just given the chance.

  6. Jacqueline

    As for Howwemontessori, I love her grater. I’ve not been able to find one that would fit a child’s hand so well.

  7. manda

    Love the dishwashing brush.

  8. mysecretimmunity

    I would pick the cotton apron. I am casually learning about Montessori and blending it with some of my RIE methods which I find are similar.

  9. mysecretimmunity

    the Montessori starter kit would probably be my favorite with the window washing set and clothesline a second and third choice 🙂

  10. I choose Montessori because it allows my daughter to lead the way and find her own path. Even though I was strong academically, I hated my traditional school background and though of most of my classes as useless and just something I had to get through. I don’t want that for my daughter. I want her to truly enjoy learning and find her passions in life.

  11. I would love the Natural Construction set. My little girl is big on building towers, playing with legos etc.

  12. Sara

    Oh yes I would have to say the lock box would get a lot of use at my house! Lots of great items to choose though.

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  14. K

    Handmade Montessori: I observed different preschools, and love how the children work so calmly and happily in the Montessori environments. I would choose the primary waterproof apron in the red flowers pattern.

  15. K

    How we Montessori Shop: My most wanted item is Matching and Language Set – Musical Instruments. Love the instrument models!

  16. Mary Heinrich

    All the items are so beautiful and would be a treasure in any home. Best wishes to you on your anniversary!

  17. Jamie

    I chose Montessori because it is the way to follow the child and learn to be independent. I would like to have a toddler size, cloth, apples and pears apron.

  18. Jamie

    For how we Montessori shop, I love all the materials there. What l like most are the matching and language sets.

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