Happy 1st Anniversary! Beginning Montessori Giveaway!

We’ve just about reached the end of our 1st Anniversary of Blogging Celebration.  It has been such a joy to share with you our favourite Montessori resources and products.  It has been a lot of fun reading your responses as you explore Montessori further.  And our readership continues to grow!  Thank you for following our blog!  Thank you for sharing our blog with others!  If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to enter to win a signed copy of The Joyful Child up on our blog until Tuesday, September 16 at 11:59PST.

Beginning Montessori
As our 6th and final giveaway we are offering up a Five Pack of Toys from Beginning Montessori!  This pack makes the perfect set of toys to get started with Montessori.  I am a little biased about these toys as my husband makes them.  This company was born right out of my AtoI Montessori training.  As the course transformed me and how I saw infants, purchasing baby shower gifts became increasingly difficult.  During our training we made many materials and I asked my husband to help me make the bell rattle.  We had leftover dowel so my husband asked if any of the other women from my course would like a bell rattle.  Well, the orders flew in!  My husband then came to the training centre and checked out the materials telling me he could make many of the items.  He was just as excited as I was!  He grew up around wood crafting as his parents made wooden toys and he’s had lots of advice along the way as we developed our products.  With his ability to make the toys and my Montessori trained eye for detail, with special attention for how it would aid a young child’s development, we developed our product line to include:

    interlocking discs2    ball cylinder2

Amongst other materials which you can check out on our website.  Since we’ve observed our daughter A. use these toys, we’ve tweaked a couple of them but most were already perfect.  It has been such a joy for me to see A. use these materials!  It has been such a joy for me to see all of the Montessori Moms babies use these toys!  (From top to bottom you can see Christie’s sons R. and P.. my daughter A. with the interlocking discs, and Tomoko’s daughters M. and E.)  It continues to be such a joy for me to see many, many babies enjoy these toys.  I know at a deeper level how much the child is gaining through their usage of these toys so it just delights me!  You can read a short description of each material on the website and in addition, each toy comes with a product card describing the purpose and usage of each toy.  If you’re looking for cleaning information, please check our facebook page note on cleaning our materials.

This Five Pack of Montessori Baby Toys was designed to be a perfect baby shower or first gift for the child.  The cost of the five pack is $48 and the giveaway includes free, international shipping.  A few of the toys can start to be enjoyed within the first months of the child’s life.  They will aid the child’s development, and continue to be enjoyed, throughout the child’s first year.  These toys will also last for multiple children and in infant communities.  They are great quality and beautifully made.  They make great teething toys and you can be sure they are safe to be mouthed on by an infant as they are hand-made with natural materials.  We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!

1 Year Anniversary - Beginning MontessoriTo enter leave a comment on our blog telling us: What is your favourite post from the Montessori Moms Blog from our First Year of Blogging?  Then click the link to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway and click the green button on the Rafflecopter form telling us “I commented!”  There are also lots of additional ways to enter to get your name in multiple times.  If you haven’t used Rafflecopter before it’s very easy to do so by just following the instructions.  You can also watch this quick video to help you learn. (Sorry it has to be a form using the link.  It still works!)

The giveaway will close on Monday, September 22 at 11:59PST.  Winner must respond within 48 hours of being contacted.  Good luck!  The giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations to Crystal G. on winning the 5 Pack of Beginning Montessori Toys!


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33 responses to “Happy 1st Anniversary! Beginning Montessori Giveaway!

  1. Mary

    I have to say my favourite is the one about bedroom set-up and how you said you got the “look” from people when you told them you’re not getting a crib. I got exact the same response when I told my friends what my plan was for the nursery, so I know exactly how you felt at that moment!
    I love reading stories about Montessori moms! Keep those posts coming!! 🙂

  2. Sarah

    Favourite Blog Post: Why Toilet Learning at 1 Year

  3. Susan Grimmer

    My fav was… The Standing Diaper Change!

  4. Celine

    My favorite one was about the topponcino, something new to me. And I ended up buying one for my baby just in 5 days! You’re website will sure be a source of inspiration for the coming months. Thank you for sharing all this and for this great give-away!

  5. Marliz Valles

    I have so many favorites!!! However my most favorite are how toddlers can help in the kitchen to cook and how to teach infants the Montessori way.

  6. Andrea

    Favourite post was Books for Baby.

  7. my favorite post is: Oh, You Haven’t Got Your Crib Yet.
    great advices on setting up the infant room with a floor bed!

  8. I like Prepare the Environment for Your Toddler’s Independence!

  9. Giusi Granatiere

    All your blog is very inspiring, but my favourite post is “Bedroom tour” as I’m trying to arrange the nursery for my 3rd baby, as I’m new to the Montessori method (even if I live in Italy, here Maria Montessori’s ideas are almost forgotten, unfortunately..). Thank you!

  10. Anni

    I also liked the Bedroom Tour.

  11. Dina Salomon

    I just found your blog when I was looking up about setting up a montessori play area for my twins. So far that is my favorite post, but I’m sure I will enjoy reading your other post as well. I found it really helpful, and also read a few other blog entires. I can see just from the few things I read, I will be spending the next few days catching up on a year wroth of reading. I have looked at many montessori sites since my babies were born, but you seem to put everything in such a simple way. I specifically opened up your blog because when I googled whatever it was a googled a picture of your child under the Ikea wooden hanging toy was shown. I bought that as well for my twins because I found most of the other hanging toy options were to stimulating, and took up a lot of space.

  12. Mrudula


    My fav one is definitely the diapers and toilet training as I am of the opinion that they can b trained at an early stage. Though m due only in Oct end I shared your blog with a friend of mine who was worrying about her 2 year old baby who is still not toilet trained. She was all thanks to you and me.

    Love all your posts and keep them coming…

  13. Lauren

    This is my favorite post as I just found your blog while researching for my 4 month old. I will definitely Be checking out your previous posts. Thank you for this opportunity!

  14. Kalie

    I really enjoyed all of the cloth diaper posts but my favorite post was the Standing Diaper Change.

  15. My son is almost 22 month old so my favourite post at the moment is “Prepare the Environment for Your Toddler’s Independence”

  16. manda

    I liked the baby carrier article.

  17. CindyC

    My favorite post was the one about toddler independence.

  18. My fav was your nursery tour because i learned a lot about how and why you chose to do the things you did in there 😉

  19. Shara Lewis

    I like the setting up the bedroom post. Great ideas & pictures!

  20. Sarah Graham

    I love all of your posts and it’s difficult to decide which is my favourite but with my own baby due in a few weeks, I found ‘Cloth Diapers -Go For It’ very helpful. Happy First Anniversary!

  21. Pingback: Foto Friday: Flashback | Montessori Moms

  22. Erica jason

    Yes, standing diaper change!

  23. Allie D

    My favorite posts were on toilet training. When a child is walking, it makes sense to change them while they are standing up. Thank you!

  24. Michelle T

    I enjoy learning how montessori training is being used by real families. Stand-up diapering sounds very child-friendly.

  25. Chandra

    My favourite posts was the series on toilet learning. I go back to them often and recommend them to other moms with questions about toilet learning. I also enjoyed the post on how limits can be ‘enforced’ in a gentle but firm manner. Thanks for having this blog. I enjoy the Canadian perspective and variety of voice.

  26. Hayley Voth

    My favourite one is setting up the home: the bedroom. Thank you ladies!

  27. A V Nickerson

    Setting Limits the Montessori Way, from Feb 2014

    What a nice giveaway 😀

  28. Topponcino. Very cool 🙂

  29. Andreea

    We sure do have to pick The Standing Diaper Change :))

  30. Crystal

    Definitely bedroom tour! I’ve reread that post again and again. 🙂

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