We are a group of friends who did our AtoI (Assistants to Infancy) Montessori training together in 2009/2010.  We were part of the first AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) AtoI training in Vancouver, Canada.  Since then we’ve become mothers and want to share our experiences with you.  We hope you’ll enjoy reading about our adventures of implementing Montessori in our homes with our children and hope you’ll be inspired to live out some of these ideas in your own lives with your own children.

3 responses to “About

  1. Corrine

    Love this so much and thanks for sharing! I just spent a couple minutes on your site and followed the links to toys for 1-year-old children. Love how they’re from Canadian dealers! Do you happen to know of any moms/families in Winnipeg that blog about their Montessori homes? Or can you recommend other Canadian Montessori home blogs? Thanks so much in advance. Corrine

  2. Mama's Happy Hive

    Wow! How delightful to take a course together and be able to share your experiences! 🙂 How many mamas completed this course together and share this blog site? I am going to start exploring and reading here. I am really interested in toilet training at one. I’ll start there! 🙂

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