Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Rubi Zendejas Marquez. I am originally from Mexico, raised and born in Mazatlan, Sinaloa. Moved to Mexico City to study Educational Psychology and Early Childhood.

I came to Vancouver for the first time in 1997 met L. who is now my husband. Returned to Vancouver in 2006 and got married later that year, now we have a beautiful daughter F. We currently live in South Surrey, BC.


How were you introduced to Montessori and what led you to pursue your training?

I had my first experience in Montessori Education in 1995 when I was studying all the different pedagogies at University. I had the opportunity to observe a beautiful Montessori environment in Mexico City. I started to do some observations in the classroom I was motivated by the concentration and respect that the students had as well as the collaboration among the students.  After I moved to Vancouver I took the teacher assistant training and started working in a primary classroom (casa).  Two years later I took the Assistant to Infancy training (0 to 3 years old) now I am currently at home enjoying, loving and guiding my little baby who surprises me every day with her tenacity and eagerness to learn about the world.

How did the Assistants to Infancy training impact your life?

Taking the Assistant to Infancy training help me expand my knowledge about young children. It gave me the opportunity to observe different babies in different environments and understand the importance of language, psychomotor, social and emotional development. When I was pregnant I had the time to prepare F.’s environment with specific characteristics. Now observing my own infant I am able to identify those stages of development and prepare the appropriate environment for her to grow and thrive. I have to remember to trust in my baby’s capacity and remain calm and be flexible at all times, we are learning together.

What has been helpful to you as you implement Montessori at home with your child?

I am so lucky to have a husband that helped me prepared F.’s environment and shares my passion about Montessori philosophy. We read together each night during my pregnancy and talked about children’s development and the way we want our daughter to grow up. I re-read some of my Montessori books (Understanding the Human Being by Silvana Montanaro, Montessori from the Start, The Well Balanced Child, etc.)  I enjoy reading the blog (when I have time) How We Montessori  by Kylie she is so inspirational and find it very helpful.

Last words?

“Any unnecessary help given to the child will be a hindrance” Maria Montessori.

When a moment is difficult in our lives I remind myself that this phase shall pass and I have to live and enjoy the present before it flies away.

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